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Slovakia "Allume" trip to the United States, part 2
(Account 1032028 - Project 1 Fund, Shepperson)

Kim plus Zuzana and Eva (2 Slovak nationals) will travel to the US and attend the  2014 “Allume” blogging conference. Their blog , www.napokonkrasne.sk, continues to grow, averaging daily, 500+ visits from 375 visitors! They must go again to the conference and learn the next phase of maintaining a ministry blog and how better to use this media to reach Slovak women for Christ.

Your gift will provide for the travel and conference costs needed to make this trip. Below are the prices per person. You can choose to give toward one or more of each item, or you can give a general gift that will be used toward the overall budget. Thank you for supporting this ministry.

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Please note that Josiah Venture is charged approximately 3-4% in fees on each credit card donation. The most cost effective method of donation is by check.



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