Monthly Ministry Visits to Far-Eastern Ukraine

I would like my gift to benefit the ministry of Reproducing Churches - Ukraine (Account Number: 1430029)

The Kurat and Semenov families serve with Josiah Venture Ukraine and are originally from now-occupied Eastern Ukraine. They recently formed a church-planting team focused on youth ministry development in this war-stricken area. Although the majority of Ukrainians have left the war regions, Severdonetsk is a city 25 miles outside current war borders and is home to 150,000 people. There are still a few small churches there but no strategy to reach youth for Christ in this dark place.

JV is partnering with a team of local Christians in bold faith to equip existing churches and to start new ones that are willing to work with the next generation in this difficult place. The JV team is taking monthly trips across the country to the areas that border the war line between Ukraine and Russia in order to bring encouragement, training, and supplies for youth leader and church development. 

Please consider supporting this campaign in hopes to fulfill Christ's commission in far-eastern Ukraine.




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