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John Comenius had a lifelong dream. He wanted to see the improvement of all of mankind. He knew that people made poor choices but that they were not entirely lost; they could be corrected and restored. He summed up these thoughts in his masterpiece General Consultation on an Improvement of All Things Human, but he didn’t complete the work. Comenius trusted God that such correction is possible. However, it cannot be done without repentance, restoration and the relationship with the Creator.

In 2018, we created an Interactive book at and prepared an interactive program for the schools.

In 2019, We have created interactive programs for the Primary Schools and High Schools. We trained 70 Christian speakers and teachers. We have already presented 80 programs at 34 schools and about 100 program is already scheduled for 2020.

In 2020, we want to maintain our growth in the project. Our priority is to connect participating schools with local churches.  To do that, we need to raise $15,000 for bridging 200 local churches with 500 schools in the Czech Republic.

Your donation of $75 enables us to equip one church and its project consultant to provide guidance of classroom in their project.

We would also like to translate the Interactive book and program in two more languages (Slovak & English). For the first phase of this extension outside of the Czech Republic we need to raise $5,000.

I would like my gift to benefit the ministry of Gospel to Schools - Czech Republic (Account Number: 1430018)

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